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Accounting Software Should Be Easy

I hate QuickBooks. I hate it and I think it is some of the worst software available today. This is probably because it is owned by Intuit, who pretty much owns the whole entire accounting software market. So what incentive do they have to make things easy or inexpensive? They can do anything they want.

If I had any idea how to go about designing a software program, creating something that is simple and intuitive for the everyday small business owner to use would be my number one priority. But until I learn how to create software (unlikely) or find an awesome software creator partner, I am determined to find some alternative options that are available right now.

I have heard many people mention FreshBooks, and while I don’t have any experience with how user-friendly it is, the monthly prices are actually more expensive than most of the more basic QuickBooks options. So I haven’t bothered looking into it any further because I want something that is both user-friendly AND cheaper than QuickBooks.

I have found two options that fit both of those categories: ZipBooks and Wave accounting. I have signed up for accounts with both products and plan to test both to see the pros and cons of each. Already, Wave is winning in terms of price because it is completely free for unlimited transactions and everything else except payroll. However, I am already seeing some accounting lingo that I feel could still be confusing to the average user. ZipBooks seems a lot more simple and does have unlimited transactions, but if your company gets a little more complicated, then you would likely need to bump up to a paid version, which are still cheaper than QuickBooks.

I will continue to test both products and let you know my final reviews!

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